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Raising the Bar in Subflooring

From early 2018 Plycem SX20/20™ will be the new name for Plycem’s premium structural subflooring.

Visionary subflooring. Extraordinary performance.

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Subflooring above all others.

Eliminates curing and drying time, work faster, save money; when it comes to subflooring that’s substantially more effective than concrete, PlycemSX20/20™ fiber cement subflooring is the ultimate choice.

Not only does PlycemSX20/20™ offer superior support and load bearing performance, but it also requires no special tools for installation and can dramatically increase efficiency on the job site.

The combined strength of concrete with the workability of wood – Plycem SX20/20™ fiber cement subflooring is the innovative, high-performance, low-cost subflooring alternative to poured concrete.

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